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Singh Family Dental Care | 2014 Blog Posts in Covington

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2014 Blog Posts

Bridges -- December 23, 2014

If you’ve had one tooth or multiple teeth extracted due to damage, decay or disease, it is important to have the resulting gap filled or your remaining teeth can shift out of position and become susceptible to further decay. One way to replace your missing tooth or teeth and prevent this shifting is with a dental bridge.

Called a bridge because a prosthetic tooth is suspended between two crowns to fill in the missing space, this natural-looking tooth structure is usually made from gold, metal, alloys or porcelain to ensure a strong and durable smile that can last for many years.

The process of creating a bridge usually takes two visits to our office in Covington, WA. During your first visit, Dr. K. Singh will create abutments out of the existing teeth on both sides of your gap. This is where the bridge’s crowns will be attached. After the abutments are in place, a mold is made of your mouth for creating the bridge, which will fit and feel as close to your natural teeth as possible. While you wait for the bridge to be fabricated in the lab, you will receive a temporary device for your convenience. Then, once the permanent device is completed, you will return to our office to have the crowns fixed to the abutments with an adhesive. The pontic between the crowns forms the bridge and replace your missing tooth or teeth.

To schedule an appointment at Family Dental Care, call (253) 239-3699.

Emergency Dental -- December 17, 2014

There are a variety of factors that can cause pain in your teeth. While tooth decay is the most common cause in both children and adults, infections, gum disease, facial trauma, teeth grinding and an abnormal bite can also be factors. If you have experienced pain in your teeth for more than two days or have swelling and abnormally red gums, it is important to get a complete oral examination to determine the cause. This pain would be considered a dental emergency, and Dr. K. Singh can help to restore your oral health.

Pain in your teeth can arise for a variety of reasons, and you might not always know why. Sometimes pain can come on suddenly if pieces of food come in contact with a decayed area of your tooth or if heat or cold create pressure near your nerve. Additionally, losing a filling or crown can expose your nerve and cause pain.

If your tooth pain worsens over time, you may have food that is stuck between you tooth and gum. This can occur if you do not brush and floss well enough, allowing bacteria to multiply in this area and for infection to develop. This infection can then develop into an abscess, which develops at the root of the tooth in the bone or in the gums. If not treated, it can be incredibly painful and harmful to your health. If your tooth pain is accompanied by a bad smell or taste, it is very likely an abscess.

Whichever the cause of your pain, you shouldn’t try to ignore it, especially if is persistent or severe. Family Dental Care in Covington, WA can provide you the emergency dental care you need.

To schedule an emergency appointment, call (253) 239-3699. Our office is open on Saturdays. 

Crowns -- December 10, 2014

Crowns are used to protect and strengthen teeth that have become extremely weak, decayed or fractured. Covering your affected tooth and restoring it to its original shape and size, dental crowns (sometimes called caps) can help reduce pain, save your tooth from needing to be extracted and keep your smile beautiful and functional. At our office in Covington, WA, we can see if a crown is necessary to save your smile.

Over time, as your teeth begin to weaken, they become more susceptible to problems, including decay, cracks and discoloration. Crowns are usually only necessary if decay has reached the point where the tooth structure is compromised. When a crown is installed at Family Dental Care, Dr. K. Singh first removes the decay from the tooth and uses a core build-up to insulate the nerve and create a surface for bonding the crown to. An impression is then made of this surface so that crown can be custom fitted. Then the crown is fabricated in a lab, a process that can take between two to three weeks. Once it is fabricated, Dr. Singh will cement the crown onto the tooth.

Usually made of porcelain or porcelain fused to metal, dental crowns are made incredibly strong to protect the remaining tooth structure, and the custom fit ensures that the seam between tooth and crown is miniscule, which helps protect the tooth from further decay.

If you’re experiencing pain in one of your teeth, stop by our office to see if a crown can save your smile. Schedule an appointment by calling (253) 239-3699. 

Mini Dental Implants -- December 4, 2014

While dental implants are a great solution for replacing missing teeth, in Covington, WA, we use mini dental implants as an effective alternative in situations where regular implants cannot be used, such as in narrow spaces. Roughly half the size in diameter as conventional implants, mini implants are often used to replace smaller teeth in the mouth, as well as serve as a base for dentures.

Because mini implants are so small, often no incision is needed to place them in the gums. They can usually be inserted by Dr. K. Singh through the gum and into the bone directly, which eliminates much of the recovery time and allows the restoration to be placed immediately or shortly after. Like regular implants, mini implants are made of titanium and prevent the jaw from deteriorating after teeth have been removed.

When used for dentures, four to six mini implants are placed along the gum line, and an entire set of uppers or lowers can be attached directly to the gums, which is advantageous to the patient since, unlike adhesive, implants do not shift or slip. This makes dentures more comfortable while eating, speaking and smiling.

If you want to know if implants or mini implants are the right solution for your missing teeth, call (253) 239-3699 to schedule an appointment.

Invisalign -- November 26, 2014

At Family Dental Care, we offer Invisalign aligners so that you can straighten your teeth without committing to a mouth full of metal. Using a series of thin, clear, plastic aligners, Dr. K. Singh can help you finally achieve a smile you will be proud to show off in Covington, WA.    

While regular braces are still best for the most serious cases of teeth straightening, Invisalign is great for cases of mild to moderate spacing or crowding. For these cases, Invisalign provides teeth correction that bypasses the discomfort, soreness and restrictive diet that those who have traditional braces must face.

With a computer program that generates a series of aligners with small changes in each, Invisalign will allow you to straighten your teeth without anyone even knowing. Virtually invisible, the aligners are made of thin, comfortable plastic and are completely removable. Therefore, your teeth will not experience the same discoloration and plaque buildup that can normally occur with brackets and wire. In addition, you will be able to eat all the foods you like, such as popcorn, chips, pretzels, nuts, apples, carrots and corn.

If you think Invisalign might be the best option for achieving the smile you’ve been dreaming of, schedule an appointment at our office by calling (253) 239-3699.

Cosmetic Dentistry -- November 19, 2014

Cosmetic dentistry is not a frivolous indulgence, but an important investment in your smile as a personal asset and an effective means of improving your confidence.  Here at Singh Family Dental Care, we provide a full selection of cosmetic dental services.

If you’d like to address an individual flaw such as a discolored smile, chip or other issue, services like teeth whitening, bonding can target specific problems. If you’d like to address multiple issues at once and walk away with a total smile makeover, you can rely on us for veneers.

When you feel great about your smile, it shows. Let us help you reveal a new, more confident you with our cosmetic dentistry services. 

Dentures -- November 13, 2014

Many of our patients visit our Covington, WA dental clinic looking for a solution to their missing teeth. If they are missing a good number of teeth or need to get them removed due to infection or a medical condition, we can offer them different types of dentures. There are two primary types of full dentures: immediate and conventional, as well as partial dentures if our patient does not have to get all of their teeth removed.

With conventional dentures, our patient gets their remaining teeth removed and they wait a few weeks or months for their gums to heal completely. Once they are healed, Dr. K. Singh fits their new set of dentures. Immediate dentures, on the other hand, are fit as soon as their teeth are removed. Impressions are made of our patient’s teeth before they are pulled, and Dr. Singh has the dentures fabricated. Once the teeth are pulled, these dentures are placed over the gums.

Caring for your new dentures requires regular cleaning in order to remove the plaque, stains, and food particles. It’s important to brush the surfaces of the dentures similar to brushing your natural teeth. Also consider that your oral health still needs good care as well, including gentle brushing your gums, palate, and tongue each day.

Children's Dentist -- November 5, 2014

One of the most important aspects of oral hygiene is taking preventative measures. The best way to ensure dental health throughout one’s lifetime is to start at a young age. At Singh Family dental Care, we offer pediatric dental services to all current and future patients.

Our main goal is to teach the children how to brush and floss properly during their routine visits. Children must maintain a regular brushing and flossing regimen even if their permanent teeth have not come in yet. Dr. K. Singh recommends that children brush at least twice a day and encourages a regular flossing routine that will help maintain a healthy mouth. Parents and children are equally responsible for the health of the child’s teeth. By providing children with a daily brushing and flossing routine and regular dentist visits, parents are assuring that their children will have a healthy smile that will last a lifetime.

One preventative measure that Dr. Singh offers is the application of sealants to the child’s teeth. Sealants act as a barrier to “seal off” the space between tooth surfaces and any food particles or bacteria that can cause cavities in unsealed teeth. Paired with twice-daily brushing, a healthy diet and visiting the dentist twice a year to monitor the sealants' placement or bond, sealants are 100% effective in preventing cavities.

You can set up an appointment with us at Singh Dental Care by calling 253-239-3699.

Grand Opening Specials -- October 30, 2014

To celebrate Family Dental Care’s Grand Opening in Covington, WA, Dr. K. Singh is offering special prices on high-quality dental care!

New patients can now come in for a dental exam and X-rays for only $29.99! To add teeth cleaning to your check up, it is currently only $79.99!

If any of your teeth have reached a point where they have become so weak or decayed that the tooth structure is compromised, a crown can be used to protect and reinforce it. By covering a weak or broken tooth and restoring it to its original size and shape, a crown reduces pain and saves the tooth from needing to be extracted, and currently, Dr. Singh is offering crowns at only $699.99!

If a tooth does need to be extracted, dental implants offer an attractive solution to gap left in your smile. Since teeth can shift out of place after a tooth has been removed, and since teeth that shift are more susceptible to disease and decay, a replacement tooth is necessary and dental implants look and feel natural, and with the Grand Opening Special, you can get implants starting at $699.99!

To find out more about these specials or to schedule an appointment at our practice in Covington, call (253) 239-3699.

Root Canal Therapy -- October 20, 2014

While the thought of having a root canal usually fills patients with dread, it is a necessary procedure for those whose teeth become infected in the nerves. Besides causing pain, infections, if left untreated, can become abscesses, which are much more serious and result in a loss of bone mass in the jaw bone. Here at Singh Family Dental Care, Dr. K. Singh can relieve your pain with root canal therapy.

Although root canals do not sound pleasant, they are well worth it to stop your pain and improve your oral health. While there may be a little soreness after the procedure, it is only temporary and usually nothing over-the-counter painkillers cannot take care of.

During a root canal, Dr. Singh removes the infection by applying a local anesthetic to the area and drilling into the tooth to create an opening in the canal. Dr. Singh is then able to remove the infected tissue and clean the area. Once the infection has been removed, your tooth will be filled with gutta percha, a sealant, and then fitted with a crown to protect it from infection in the future. The crown also helps improve the appearance and strength of the tooth.

Once the procedure is complete, you will be able to eat without experiencing pain and sensitivity to heat, cold and pressure. If you’re in pain, you don’t need to suffer. Schedule an appointment with our office in Covington, WA please call 253-239-3699.